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CNSI Seminar Series, Winter 2011

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Nian X. Sun

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Northeastern University

E-field Control of Magnetism in Layered Multiferroic Heterostructures and Devices, a New Paradigm for Tunable RF/Microwave Components and Spintronics

Electrical field control of magnetism has been attracting a great amount of recent interest due to its potential technological impacts. The coexistence of electrical polarization and magnetization in multiferroic materials provides great opportunities for realizing effective electric field control, or vice versa, through a strain mediated magnetoelectric interaction effect in layered magnetic/ferroelectric multiferroic heterostructures. Strong magnetoelectric coupling has been the enabling factor for different multiferroic devices, which however has been hard to achieve, particularly at RF/microwave frequencies.

In this presentation, we will cover the most recent progress on novel layered microwave multiferroic heterostructures and devices. We will demonstrate strong magnetoelectric coupling in novel microwave multiferroic heterostructures. These multiferroic heterostructures exhibit a giant electrostatically tunable magnetic field of >3000 Oe, and a record high electrostatically tunable ferromagnetic resonance frequency range between 1.75~ 7.57 GHz, a tunable frequency of 5.82 GHz or fmax/fmin=4.3. At the same time, we will demonstrate E-field modulation of exchange bias and realization of electric field controlled near 180 degree deterministic magnetization switching will be demonstrated in exchange coupled multiferroic heterostructures. New multiferroic devices will be covered, which include electric field tunable filters, tunable inductors, phase shifters, miniaturized antennas, etc.

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