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  1. Protect Your Intellectual Property

  2. Startup Corporate Structure

  3. Assessing Business Feasibility

  4. Early Stage Founder Positioning

  5. Venture Capital and University Based Start-Ups

UCLA/ CNSI Technology Incubator Panel Series

3/23/2011 - Venture Capital and University Based Start-Ups
  • What are VC's looking for to invest in?
  • What do VC's NOT invest in?
  • Who should want venture capital?
  • How do you build your company to attract venture capital?
  • What is the current status of the overall VC industry?
  • Regional differences in venture capital between northern and southern CA?
Thirty-Thirty Incubator Panel Series

The California NanoSystems Institute has organized a series of panel discussions to address business development and spin-out issues facing the incubator companies and entrepreneurial faculty / students. Each event will feature a thirty minute panel discussion, followed by thirty minutes of questions from the audience. To guide discussions, the Thirty-Thirty series is geared towards start-ups at the UCLA / CNSI Technology Incubator.


Bryce Benjamin - Series Moderator

Gilman Louie - Partner of Alsop Louie Partners

Maneesh Goyal - Principal of Miramar Venture Partners

Jeffrey Lee - Associate at Mission Ventures

Panel Discussion

Panelist Bios