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The Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Institute Final Presentations

The course offers a cutting-edge, 4-credit lab/studio course focused on interdisciplinary collaborations that explore the possibilities and implications of scientific and technological innovation. Nanoscience research requires fresh ways of thinking and new methodologies and the future of innovation and discovery in nanotechnology is determined not just by scientific knowledge, but also by the application of creative thought and imagination that go beyond a traditional reductionist approach. The advantage of an artistic approach lies in its ability to address challenges from a more holistic and general view, to conceive of new ways to deal with complexity which, when combined with science, provide a powerful new direction for invention and creation. Through historical retrospective, lab visits, guest lectures, field trips, surveys of current art-science collaborations as well as science fiction movie screenings, students will be exposed to the interface of science, art and culture. In two weeks students experience a 10-week class and receive college credit that is transferable. To foster this process, groups of students will develop an original concept for a collaborative project under the challenge of ‘Imagine the Impossible’. With the assistance skill workshops and the knowledge base of the Sci|Art Team, groups of students create and deliver a multimedia presentation during the closing ceremony.

2016 Final Presentations

2015 Final Presentations


Hox Genes

Power Plants


Light and Sound


Heart to Art

Project Petra


Project R

Synthetic Synesthesia

Retina Display

Bindas Benday

Perfect Potty

National Cloud Transfer

Sensory Museum

2014 Final Presentations

Dream Cleaner

Animated Tattoo

Chemical Compatibility


Culture Cap

Modern FarMars


Insect Vibrations


Organism Outfitters

Pain Block


Plaque X

Pro Purring


Closing Remarks

Adam Stieg

2013 Final Presentations

Nanolab Final Presentation Opening

Introduction by Adam Stieg

Team: S-CON

Team: Bombies

Team: Light Communication

Team: Garrus Incorporated

Team: Transient Tattoos

Team: Morph Tech

Team: Project L.I.V.E.

Team: Plants for Plants

Team: DreamHat

Team: The Poseidon City Planners

Team: Chorus of Motion

Team: The Inanis

Closing Remarks

Adam Stieg

2012 Final Presentations

Nanolab Final Presentation Opening

Introduction by Adam Stieg

Team Dancing Cream

Bamboo Village Team

Claystruct Team

Water Bioremediation Team

Nanoskin Team

MicroTacts Team

Art Shirt Team

Glow Team

Walking on Water Team

RunTech Team

Exo Womb Team

Closing Remarks

Adam Stieg