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4th State of Water Symposium

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Philip Ball [ Why Water is Weird ]

Philip Ball is a freelance science writer. He worked previously at Nature for over 20 years, first as an editor for physical sciences (for which his brief extended from biochemistry to quantum physics and materials science) and then as a Consultant Editor. His writings on science for the popular press have covered topical issues ranging from cosmology to the future of molecular biology. Philip is the author of several popular books on science, including works on the nature of water, pattern formation in the natural world, color in art, and the science of social and political philosophy. Philip has a BA in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Physics from the University of Bristol.
In connection with the 4th State of Water: From Macro to Micro exhibition at CoCA Torun, UCLA is hosting a Symposiumon March 22 (World Water Day) and March 23, 2012.

Opening keynotes will be given by renowned science writer Dr. Philip Ball, author of "Why Water is Weird" and "H20: A Biography of Water", and Gerald Pollack from the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, speaking on his research on the "Fourth Phase of Water".

The event will additionally feature a joint "Tap" online session powered by Waterwheel,an interactive, collaborative platform from Australia - connecting with Japan and Poland.

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Online Keynote Speaker: Philip Ball

"Why Water is Weird"

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Dobrila Denegri

Suzon Fuks

Gil Kuno

Claudia Jacques

Silvia Rigon

Gerald Pallack

"Fourth Phase of Water"

Helen and Newton Harrison

Patricia Watts

Judy Mitoma

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