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Teacher Feedback

"The program is perfect!  Plenty of space to work, time, and clear instructions."

"Working with the graduate students and other teachers is very helpful.  Particularly the tips from those who have done it before." 

"Really cool visual labs for the students - excellent to develop procedural skills with pay off of 'coolness' factor at the end!"

"The activities are fun for students while they learn."

"It was a lot of fun!  The experiments have great application to the classroom, while also offering an opportunity for students to experiment on their own too."

"Brilliant session!  Hands-on is the only way to learn science."

"The overall presentation and conduct of the experiments was excellent.  Facilitators were efficient and supportive."

"The materials given are so very useful."

"Everything and everybody, including the speakers, are very inspiring."

"The graduate students were so helpful in all stages of the experiment.  The debriefs are good for explaining and understanding our findings." 

"Eye opening, fun experience!"

"This is one of my most favorite professional developments of my 10 year teaching career. Thank you!"

"The Curriculum Enhancement workshop takes your science teaching to the next level. It is such a valuable culmination of the series."

"Very important networking and interaction with teachers outside of my discipline."

"Keep this program!"